Maria Florencia Quiroga-01

Maria Florencia Quiroga

University of Buenos Aires

Dr. Maria Florencia Quiroga is a graduate of the University of Buenos Aires School of Biochemistry, where she received the title of MSc (Biochemistry) in 1996 and the PhD in Immunology in 2004.
During her doctoral thesis she studied the mechanisms of T cell differentiation and regulation during infection with Mycobacterium leprae.
In the period 2005-2007, she performed her postdoctoral training at the University of Buenos Aires School of Medicine investigating the regulation of T cell responses during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.
Since 2008, she leads her own research group integrating the areas of experience gained during her doctoral and postdoctoral studies, focusing on the regulation of both innate and adaptive anti-tubercular immune responses in the context of HIV infection by adrenal hormones and signaling proteins.
Currently, she is a member of the research career of CONICET (Independent reseracher) and Adjunct Professor of the University of Buenos Aires School of Medicine.