Yiwei Chu 2019-01

Yiwei Chu

Fudan University

Dr. Chu received her M.D in Shanghai Medical University, and her PhD in Immunology in Fudan University in China. She was a visiting scholar in University of Washington, Seattle, USA from 1995-1998, and a visiting professor in Earle A Chiles Research Institute, Portland, USA in 2003-2004. Dr. Chu started her carrier in China where she distinguished herself through her work on tumor immunology. She conducted several outstanding studies on immunotherapy against tumor. This was followed by a series of successful projects focusing on tumor vaccine for glioma patients and CAR-T designing for solid tumors in clinical trials. Recently, she is studying on the regulatory function of B lymphocyte both in autoimmune disease and cancer, which is the emerging field in Immunology. She is currently responsible for 5 grants from the National Science Foundation of China and Ministry of Science and Technology. She published 168 scientific papers in English Journals, which some of them are in top with high impact factors. She wrote 5 Chinese/English books as the chief editor and holds 5 authorized patents in China.

Dr.Chu is a supervisory scientists and team leader, she has served in many professional organizations, including managing director of CSI(Chinese Society for Immunology), Chairman of committee for infection & immunity for SCI(Shanghai Society for Immunology). She leads more than 6,000 women membership in CSI for academic and teaching in annual meeting and various activities. She is also the reviewers for many scientific journals. She is the mentor of 28 Ph.D students and 5 post doctors in total.