Yang-Xin Fu-01

Yang-Xin Fu

UT Southwestern Medical Center

His study has opened new avenue to study how conventional therapy can synergize with immunotherapy or how immunotherapy can overcome drug-resistance. His team has established new mouse tumor models expression various oncogenic receptors to mimic clinical targeting and had made significant progress in understanding how traditional cancer therapies for cancer control rely on T cells. 1) His team had revealed the therapeutic effect of ablative irradiation (IR) depends on innate and adaptive immune responses. His team has identified the entire pathway from IR-mediated DNA damage to DNA sensing pathway is required for IR-mediated immunity and tumor regression. 2) Anti-Her2/neu was known to kill her2-dependent tumor cells for tumor control. His team further discovered that targeting oncogenic receptors depend on stress/MyD88 pathways and T cell responses. 3) Anti-CD47 was proposed to block “do not eat” signal on macrophages for tumor control. However, his team showed that CD47 blockade for tumor control depends largely on DC and T cells through DNA sensing pathway. 4) His team has since developed the next generation of antibody-based molecules to target tumors with various immune molecules. 5) His team has been developing the next generation of cytokines that have stronger anti-tumor efficacy with reduced toxicity. His team has been closely working with physician scientists and oncologist in the world to develop new strategies that allow a better combination of conventional treatment and immunotherapy.