Taoyong Chen-01

Taoyong Chen

National Key Laboratory of Medical Immunology & Institute of Immunology, Second Military Medical University

Dr. Chen finished his undergraduate study in the Department of Clinical Medicine, Henan Medical University, China, in 1998. He got his Ph.D degree in the Department of Immunology, Second Military Medical University, China, in 2004. Thereafter, he took the scholar position in Second Military Medical University and became a professor in 2014. Dr. Chen and his team in recent years have devoted to the researches on the effects and mechanisms of post-translational modification (PTM)-related genes, such as the E3 ubiquitin ligases (Nrdp1, CHIP and SCF-Fbxo21), the small GTPase-related molecules (Rab7b, RBJ and RasGRP3) and the tyrosine kinase Src, during the innate immune response elicited during infection and inflammation. He has published 4 SCI papers as (co-)corresponding authors and 2 papers as (co-)first authors in journals including Nature Immunology, Cancer Cell and Nature Communications etc.