Mirta Schattner-01

Mirta Schattner

Institute of Experimental Medicine-CONICET-National Academy of Medicine

I am a Biologist, and obtained my PhD degree from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, UBA in 1990. I carried out postgraduate studies on the biology of platelets and megakaryocytes being a fellow of INSERM and the Wellcome Research Laboratories, at the Pasteur Institute, France (1986-1988) and as Associate Researcher at Northwestern University, USA (1994-1997).
During 2002-03 I was a guest professor at FAPESP at the Butantán Institute, Brazil.
I am head of the Laboratory of Experimental Thrombosis, National Academy of Medicine (ANM), Director of the Institute of Experimental Medicine, CONICET-ANM, Senior Researcher at CONICET and Assistant Professor at the Department of Biological Chemistry of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, Buenos Aires’ University.
I have published more than 100 papers in international journals related to the study of the physiolpathology of the megakaryocytic lineage cells with particular interest in their role in thrombosis, inflammation and the innate immune response.