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Mariana Salatino


Mariana Salatino obtained her Master degree in Science (1999) and a PhD in Molecular Biology (2004) at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. At present, she is an Independent Researcher of CONICET at the Institute of Biology and Experimental Medicine (IBYME). During her career she was awarded with Honors and Awards such as: AACR International Scholar in Training Award from Avon Foundation, Teodoro Ovsejevich award of the Konex Foundation, LALCEC award and Esteban Montuori prize. During her PhD (2000-2005) she studied the crosstalk between progesterone receptor and RTKs in breast cancer. In 2006 she started her post-doctoral fellow under the mentoring of Prof. Rabinovich studying how Galectin-1, a glycan-binding protein involved in immunosuppression, impact on cancer progression with special attention to tumor immune escape. During the last 10 years she has led the breast cancer group focusing her attention on how galectin-glycan interactions control metastasis by shaping immune response in the breast tumor microenvironment. She participates in projects about tumor angiogenesis, inflammation and immunity with Dr. Rabinovich. These studies allowed publications in high impact journals including Cell, Cancer Cell, The Journal of Experimental Medicine, Nature Immunology and Cancer Research, Oncogene among others. She had mentored several students and post-docs.