Lucy Walker-01

Lucy Walker

University College London

Lucy Walker has a longstanding interest in immune regulation with a particular focus on how costimulatory pathways set immune thresholds. She was awarded a Wellcome Trust Travelling Fellowship to work at UCSF where she generated a mouse model of diabetes and used it to ask fundamental questions about immune responses to pancreas-expressed proteins. Upon returning to the UK she established her group at the University of Birmingham supported by a Career Development Award and subsequently a Senior Non-Clinical Fellowship from the MRC.
In 2013 she was appointed Chair of Immune Regulation at the newly established UCL Institute for Immunity & Transplantation. Her work uses both mouse models and patient samples with the aim of understanding T cell differentiation and immune regulatory mechanisms in the context of Type 1 Diabetes. Lucy received an EFIS lecture award in 2016 and holds a Royal Society Research Merit Award for research excellence.