Ihsan Gursel-01

Ihsan Gursel

Bilkent University

Prof. Ihsan Gursel research focus is on immunology, nanomedicine, and biomaterials. He attempts to develop more effective treatment modalities to cancer, autoimmune/autoinflammatory diseases and infectious diseases with an interdisciplinary approach. Before joining Bilkent University, Dr. Gursel spent more than ten years of his career working in different research and government institutes, including The School of Pharmacy, University College London (UK, 1993-1994) and METU (Turkey, 1995-1998) and US, Food and Drug Administration, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (USA, 1998-2005). During his last post in US FDA, Dr. Gursel in addition to his regulatory duties engaged in research activities aiming to understand the immunomodulatory properties of DNA and other nucleic acids on mammalian immune system. His Lab (www.thorlab.bilkent.edu.tr) tries to harness nucleic acid ligands for applied immunology, nanomedicine, targeted drug delivery, vaccines/adjuvant innovation, TLR based immune therapy and nucleic acid nanoparticle design. His research activities led him to issue several international patents as a co-inventor. He published more than 75 peer reviewed articles/reviews and book chapters in prestigious journals. He has received over 6600 citations (h-Factor: 38, Google Scholar). He is among the co-founders of several national/international societies. He is a full-member of Academy of Sciences, (Turkey) and President-Elect of the Turkish Immunology Society. He is the co-president of the Scientific Program Committee of the 6th European Immunology Congress in 2021 (ECI2021, wwwECI2021.org).