Hans-Martin Jäck-01

Hans-Martin Jäck

University of Erlangen

Hans-Martin Jäck is a Professor for Immunology and the director the Division of Molecular Immunology at the University of Erlangen, Germany. He received his doctoral training in Tübingen, the Basel Institute of Immunology and the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF). After obtaining his PhD in 1988, he worked for 2 years as a postdoctoral fellow at UCSF in the lab of Matthias Wabl and for 6 years as Assistant and Associate Professor at Loyola University of Chicago’s Medical School. In 1998, he was appointed as director of the Division of Molecular Immunology at the University Hospital Erlangen (Germany). He served as President of the German Society of Immunology (DGfI) from 2013-2015, and until recently, was a member the executive editorial board of the European Journal of Immunology.
He has solved the genetic mechanism of the immunoglobulin heavy chain class switch, isolated the first mammalian gene of the nonsense-mediated mRNA decay, and identified the first pre-B cell receptor ligand. His current research concentrates on the development of mature B cells into memory B- and plasma cell and on the production of therapeutic human antibodies against multiple myeloma in a transgenic mouse expressing the entire human antibody repertoire.