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Gabrielle Belz

The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Gabrielle Belz BVBiol, BVSc, PhD, DVSc: Gabrielle Belz originally trained in Veterinary medicine and surgery and received her PhD from the University of Queensland. After a short stint in Canada to work on B cells, took up a postdoctoral position at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital with Peter Doherty after receiving a NHMRC CJ Martin Fellowship. She is currently an NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow in the Immunology Division. Her research contributions have been recognized by a number of awards including a Wellcome Trust Overseas Fellowship, HHMI international fellowship, ARC Future fellowship, Doctorate of Veterinary Science and the Gottschalk Medal (Australian Academy of Science). Currently, she leads a research team that focuses on deciphering the key cellular, transcriptional and epigenetic signals used by naïve and memory T cells in infections and in understanding how innate immune cells develop and contribute to protection against infections.