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Catherine Sautès-Fridman


Catherine Sautès-Fridman ( is Professor emeritus at University Paris-Descartes, in the “Inflammation, complement and cancer” team, at the Cordeliers Research Centre, INSERM U1138, Paris. Head of the “Cancer, immunology and immunopathology” department (2006-2018) and laboratory leader (2006-2013) at the CRC, she focuses her research on the heterogeneity of the immune and inflammatory components of the tumor microenvironment in human cancers to define new pronostic and theranostic markers for future precision medicine. She is co-editor in chief of the section “Cancer immunology and immunotherapy” for Frontiers in Immunology. She made significant achievements in several fields: histocompatibility antigens (association of HLA antigens to b2-microglobulin and description of H-2L, Neauportsautes C), receptors for IgG antibodies (biological activity and 3D-structure, Sautès C and Sautès-Fridman C), and in tumor immunology (IL17 role, tumor microenvironment, TLS functions, Sautès-Fridman C). She trained 14PhD and 12 Master students. She published 300 papers since 1970. She was nominated laureate of the Behring Metchnikoff prize for her work on histocompatibility antigens in 1984. She was President of the Société Française d’Immunologie (2000-2003) and of the European Federation of Immunology Societies, EFIS (2009-2012). Strongly promoting Immunology in Europe, she founded the first European Congress of Immunology (5000 participants) in 2006 in Paris. ECI is now one of the most renowned international conferences in the field of immunology.