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Analia Trevani

National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET)

University of Buenos Aires, Argentina; B.S. 1986-1992. Field of study: Biology.
University of Buenos Aires, Argentina; Ph.D. 1992-1996. Field of study: Immunology

Current positions
2011- Laboratory of Innate Immunity Team Leader, IMEX-CONICET-Academia Nacional de Medicina, Argentina
2011- Vice-Director, IMEX, CONICET- Academia Nacional de Medicina
2011- Elected Directive Committee Member, IMEX-CONICET-Academia Nacional de Medicina
1999- Jefe de trabajos Prácticos (equivalent to an Assistant Professor) in Immunology, Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology, School of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Part-time dedication.
2019- Vice-President, Argentinean Society of Immunology
2014- Board member, Advisory Committee of the Flow Cytometry National System, Ministery of Science, Technology and Innovative Production, Argentina

Previous positions
2005-2006 Scientific Secretary, Argentinean Society of Immunology
2007-2008 Directive Committee, Argentinean Society of Immunology

Personal statement
Dr. Analia Trevani is an immunologist who obtained her PhD in biology at Buenos Aires University in 1996. She focused her investigations in neutrophil physiology. As PI or co-investigator, she contributed with 55 scientific articles. In recent years, she has been studying the mechanisms involved in neutrophil IL-1β secretion, neutrophil autophagy and NETosis.